Friday, May 21, 2010

This is a new title and cover for Lan Cao's novel. I renamed it as such for dramatic effect, assuming it might be one hit for those looking for this specific genre. Also, the seahorses are meant to represent Mai and Thanh; the one going right over the United States is Mai because she is absorbing its culture while the other, meant to represent Thanh, is simply being absorbed by the country itself through her reconnections with the people of "Little Saigon." The jungle below depicts rice patties and its farmers, Baba Quan & Thanh. Thus, the cover is representing america's gathering of exiles and how they associate with the country. Also, the red around the novel is meant to symbolize the many shades of red that are associated with Vietnamese culture as depicted by Thanh.

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  1. Interesting depiction of some major motifs and themes in the novel. I particularly like the use of seahorses for Thanh and Mai and how they are placed signify their transitions and beliefs in the story. I like how underneath the main picture you draw a landscape of Vietnam. I think this works very well saying that the traditional culture is always present with these women but the real story is found within them as people.