Thursday, May 20, 2010

Monkey Bridge Discussion

Please post your comments / questions about Lan Cao's novel Monkey Bridge here.

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  1. The message I got from the novel was not very enlightening. I felt that Thanh was conveying a neglect of her true heritage. She does perform a traditional suicide which preserves and follows her culture, but I still saw some holes in her actions. She could only accept her Vietnamese heritage through lies and highly fabricated stories that only made her feel even more guilty. She claims this was to conceal the tragic and horriffic truth from her daughter. All she is diong is giving her daughter a false sense of hope that will never be gained. She will be in search of a person that she will never find and a truth she, perhaps, would never realize. Mai gained nothing from these lies and ints very selfish of her mother to do this to her. Unfortunately, Mai, who loves her mother dearly, must realize that her mother was a weak person and let her fears overcome her.